The Keyboard Adventure (Part 1)

searching for my endgame keyboard: a series

Drop + OLKB Planck Keyboard

The crazy beautiful, addicting, and magnificent world of mechanical keyboards became one of my main hobbies when quarantine started about a year ago. I began watching (hundreds) of YouTube videos on how to improve my workspace since I was starting to work from more permanently. In almost every single video, a mechanical keyboard was mentioned. I then began my research on all things keyboards and decided that purchasing one was a great decision. Little did I know that I was going to be thrusted in the amazing world of keyboards (of all things on the planet).

The first mechanical keyboard I ever purchased was the Keychron K2 (non-hotswap; a decision I’ll come to regret later). When I first got this board, I was in love with everything about it. The size of it (TKL form factor) was just what I needed. I loved the white LED backlighting, the switches (Gateron Brown), and most of all, the keycaps.

Purchasing the K2 introduced me to two things: keycaps and switches. Man oh man there is so much to discuss about both those topics, so I’ll save those for another post. What I want you to know is that I found out that I really enjoy the sound of Gateron Browns and Kailh Box Reds (still trying to expand my switch horizons). These switches sound clicky, but not so clicky that you’ll disrupt your neighbors in the office. They’re perfect for me, for now.

I stuck with the stock keycaps on the K2 for a while until I realized that I could switch them out (enter the start of my fascination with mods). I then started to go on the hunt for the PERFECT keycap set to match my board. Another huge shock to my system when I realized a few things:

+ Group Buys run the world
+ After market keycaps can be extremely expensive
+ If you see it and like it, you better buy it, because it may be gone in minutes

I ended up finding my first pair of keycaps on Amazon (I wanted something cheap and in stock). They were pudding keycaps, so that the LED light could shine through them. I also had purchased metal WASD keycaps for my board because I thought I was really cool (I’m not a gamer).

Keychron K2

The K2 was an incredible first board in the mechanical keyboard realm, and I still highly suggest it. My typing style has since changed (it’s been a really long year) and I decided to try out different sized keyboards. Currently I’m using a 40% board and… IT’S AMAZING. I know that this size really isn’t for everyone, but I wanted to switch from the 60% I was using and try something new. I still have my 60% in case I end up not liking the 40% long term, but I think it’s going to become a backup board.

+ My 60% board is the RK61 from Amazon
+ My 40% board is the Drop + OLKB Planck

Currently I’m typing this on the 40% board and I absolutely love it. Maybe one day we’ll try a split board? We shall see.

Thanks for joining me in this first part of the keyboard adventure series! Very excited to keep this going and update you all as I fall deeper into the rabbit hole (because that is very expected).

If you have any questions about keyboards (anything at all) I will try my best to answer or point you in the right direction!

Don’t forget to check out my keyboard customization process on The Press Pod Instagram! I’ll be posting the build of the Drop + OLKB Planck on the gram as well, so stay tuned for it.

Happy typing!

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